Frequently Asked Questions

What are banked hours?

Scoliosis patients are prescribed back braces to be worn a certain number of hours each day. Doctors generally allow excess brace time beyond the prescribed daily hours to be “banked” and applied to future days.  BraceTrack calculates banked hours based on the difference between a user’s brace time and their goal hours per day and automatically applies banked hours to any daily shortfall until all banked hours are used or have expired.

How do I change the expiration limit of banked hours?

In the “Profile” tab, select “Banked Hour Expiration (in Days)” and edit.  Note that banked hours are applied to daily shortfalls within the expiration window only.  Please consult your doctor for guidance on the appropriate expiration limit for your banked hours. 

Is it possible to disable banked hours?

Yes.  In the “Profile” tab, set “Banked Hour Expiration (in Days)” to “0”. 

Can I add time retroactively?

Yes. In the “Calendar” tab, tap “Add Time” found on the top right navigation bar and follow the subsequent prompts. 

Can I change my start date?

Yes.  In the “Profile” tab, select “Start Date” and edit. 

Can I change my goal hours?

Yes.  In the “Profile” tab, select “Goal Hours” and edit.  Note that all charts will be recalculated based on the new goal hours. 

Can I export my data?

Yes. Users are able to open the “Profile” tab, click “Export History”, and email themselves a summary PDF of their brace time. 

How do I set up Auto Summary Reporting?

Log into your account on, navigate to “Set Up Auto Summary Reporting” in the top right drop-down menu, and enter an email to receive a weekly PDF summary of your brace time.

Can I add another authorized user to my account?

Yes.  Login to your account on, navigate to “Add Authorized User” in the top right drop down menu, and enter an email to provide view-only access to your BraceTrack account.

Support Brace for Impact

To properly route the contribution, please type “Brace For Impact Fund” into the Fund Name field.